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Course CatalogVA Boating Safety Course - Virginia

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The BoatU.S. Foundation's Free Online Boating Safety Course satisfies the mandatory boating education requirement for Virginia requiring all boaters to complete a boating safety course approved by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

Please Note: this course contains timed pages which require you to spend 25 seconds on each page before advancing to the next. You should close the lesson to save your progress every 20-30 pages to avoid potential errors. 

You must PASS all six lessons in order to receive your certificate of completion.


Order a plastic, wallet-sized Virginia State Boater Card for $13. You can still print your certificate of completion free of charge OR you can order a plastic card for just $13 once you've completed the course. Please allow 3-4 weeks for the delivery of your plastic card. 

You will need to carry your printed completion certificate or plastic certification card on board while operating your vessel.



This Boating Safety Course for Virginia boaters covers everything from Navigation Aids and Emergency Situations to Rules of the Road and Required Equipment. Each of the six chapters includes a 10 - question quiz at the end that you must pass with a score of 90% or better. Pass all six chapter quizzes and you will then be able to print your certificate of completion.

Use the worksheets below as a guide to help you take notes as you go through each of the lessons. These worksheets are only meant as a guide and do not replace the course content or quizzes themselves.


  1. Boats and the Marine Environment
  2. Boating Equipment
  3. Trip Planning and Preparation
  4. Safe Boat Operation
  5. Emergency Preparation
  6. Boating Activities


  1. Virginia
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